News from Evangelical Church Utrecht

We love being part of Relational Mission

Greetings from Evangelical Church Utrecht (in Dutch: Evangelische Kerk Utrecht). We want to let you know just how encouraged we are by being part of the Relational Mission family. A few weeks ago Maurice Nightingale visited us and preached on the Sunday morning. This time with Maurice encouraged us all enormously.

We have already found that some of the things Maurice talked about have begun to happen. He mentioned building relationships with students and student unions and then in that same week we got an email from a Christian student union asking us how they can build relationships with our church!

We are on a Journey

As a church we have been through some storms in the past few years. Myself and the two other elders have been appointed to navigate the church through this season of rough waters. We have seen God shaping us in many ways over the past three years, here are some of the highlights:

  • moving from one pastor leading the church to an eldership team.
  • our DNA has changed from “pastoral” to more “mission orientated”.
  • the name of the church has changed from “The Shelter” to “Evangelical Church Utrecht”. Which is in Dutch: Evangelische Kerk Utrecht.
  • we have worked through foundational teaching on Grace, the sovereignty of God and leadership.
  • we have moved to a new venue (see image inset) for our Sunday gatherings and midweek meetings. This is a significant step for us. The building is owned by the Protestant Church, so on Sundays both churches are meeting at the same time and the youngest children are together in the crèche!

A Vision for Mission

We call ourselves a “Missional Resource Church”. We are missionaries placed in this world, to reach out with the Good News of Jesus Christ to Utrecht and beyond. Utrecht is situated in the very middle of The Netherlands, and we have a big vision for strengthening and starting churches wherever God takes us.

Pray With Us

We would ask you to join us in praying for two things that we feel are needed to see God's plans fulfilled:

  • People - Jesus taught us in Matthew 9:37 to pray for workers to bring the harvest in. We love people and love preaching the gospel, bringing people to Christ and helping them one step (or more) further in their walk with God. We need faithful servants with their heart beating for Jesus and his church.

  • Finances - To grow as a missional church we need more financial resources so we can release people and create opportunities for the gospel. Join us in asking God to provide the resources we need to carry out His plans in the season ahead.

If you feel stirred to explore joining us here in Utrecht, or you would like to support us financially please get in touch through out website HERE

A Final Thank you

We want to encourage you all with our news and thank you for releasing Maurice, Joop Bakker and others like them to serve and encourage us. I speak on behalf of the church when I say that we genuinely love you all. Being part of an apostolic family is a big deal. It changes everything. The well-being of a church depends on it. We so enjoy being family together in the Netherlands and beyond.

Much love in Christ

Arjan van Belle

Lead Elder, Evangelische Kerk Utrecht
Twitter: @EKerk_Utrecht