Prayer Update August 12

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A new prayer update video is now available!

The feedback to the pilot launched in June has been excellent, so we will be looking to produce these on a regular basis (initially quarterly) over the coming year.

Within this video Mike outlines a number of situations and areas to pray into including;

Alpha; Relational Mission Cluster Strategy; Serbia - Vlada & Sonja Stojanovic; Stockholm - Phill Whittall & Family and the Pathways out of Poverty initiative. There is also a powerful testimony to conclude the update.

The aim of this video is to be a prayer resource to help and 'fuel' the prayer life of churches. This can be used on a Sunday morning, in a small / cell group setting or individually by members of a congregation.

View the video below or if it does not appear click HERE

RM Prayer Update | August 2012 | from Relational Mission on Vimeo.

We want these prayer updates to be as effective and useful to you as possible so please let us have your feedback via email -

We hope this is of value to you!