Meet the Team

Mike Betts

Relational Mission is led by Mike Betts. In the Relational Mission family, Mike's one of the dads.

About Mike

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Mike is married to Sue and they have a grown-up son. Mike was born and brought up in Lowestoft, UK and is part of the leadership team at Lowestoft Community Church. Mike is an inspirational speaker, with a desire to raise up many spiritual sons and daughters to be all they can be in God. He is the author of From the Inside Out and, in his spare time, watches Norwich City Football Club, enjoys fly fishing and keeps tortoises.
Follow Mike: @mikebetts62

Supporting Mike

In turn, Mike is supported by a host of people who help to facilitate everything that goes on.

We are grateful to so many of our churches who release people to serve on Mike’s behalf in a variety of roles for the benefit of the Relational Mission family. There are around 40-50 people serving in this way, some of whom are released financially by Relational Mission, but the majority of whom work on a voluntary basis.

As a family we work in a collaborative way, with a number of people serving across different areas. For the purposes of communication, we can group these people in to six or so areas or teams:

Strategy Team

Helps set the key principles and direction of activity for Relational Mission.


Ensure Relational Mission meets all of its regulatory and governance requirements, as laid down by the Charity Commission and Companies House.

Implementation Team

Looks after the day to day running of the Relational Mission charity in terms of administration, events, media & communications and support of other teams.


Most Relational Mission churches, particularly in the UK, cluster together for mutual support and care. These clusters are facilitated and served by a number of individuals.


Includes all those involved in running our training initiatives, including LEAD, LEAD+5, Pioneer and ID.

Ministry Team

Involves all those facilitating particular ministries (eg Pathways from Poverty, children, business etc) or working on an itinerant basis.

There are also a number of others involved and drawn in on an ad hoc basis, according to the direction God is setting.