Every believer's birthright

Because everyone can HEAR God's voice.

Is God speaking to me?
How can I distinguish God's thoughts from my own?
Is hearing God for all believers or just a few?

HEAR is an initiative of Relational Mission Training to equip everyone to hear God's voice. The HEAR one day event is open to everyone. Mike Bollinger and his team will take a practical look at how we can hear God's voice in our relationship with him. Jesus said, 'My sheep hear my voice.' Hearing God is part of our inheritance as believers.

Through teaching and practical exercise, HEAR will help you tune in to recognise God's voice. Out of that personal dialogue, we can then begin to hear God for others.

Mike Bollinger writes:

I wanted to take a moment to share with you the strategy behind our upcoming HEAR event, to help you best promote it in your local church and to encourage many of your folk to attend.

Over the past years, we have been fortunate to have strong prophetic ministry like Keith Hazell and Julian Adams, who have fuelled our apostolic mission and served our local churches. The challenge we face now is to raise up a home-grown, sustained expression of the prophetic in our local churches in the Relational Mission family.

In his book, 'Who’s word is it anyway?', Keith speaks of this challenge: 'There is a great need for the encouragement and blessing of the prophetic ministry in the local church. Like vegetables it is one of the staple foods of the church and we need to be assured of its availability... Also, the opportunity to grow and nurture the prophetic ministry in the local church means the leaders there can play a part in nurturing and growing it from scratch.” If we were to only gather together those we currently recognise with an emerging prophetic gift, we would gather one generation. However, if at the same time we also start sowing seeds of being a prophetic people and hearing God as an expression of our relationship with him, we will then begin to gather multiple generations of prophetic ministry that will emerge from our churches in the seasons ahead.

Our HEAR event on Saturday 29 November is a practical day of sowing those seeds through teaching and exercises to encourage all believers to be able to recognise God’s voice as part of their spiritual inheritance. As fresh, new prophetic expressions emerge, we want to then provide a structure of training and working in team to raise up prophetic ministry.

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