Church Planting

If you’re pioneering a church in uncharted territory then it’s great to feel connected. Think of this page as a large, comfy Relational Mission leather sofa: somewhere to feel at home, flick through some interesting reading and choose something to watch or listen to that’ll leave you feeling encouraged and equipped for life on the wild frontiers. The latest church planting news, events and resources is right here.

£50,000 raised for Community...

Last autumn we launched our 2016 Christmas appeal, to help fund the... Read more >
Toby Skipper

Church Directory

Discover a community near you Find out more>

ENOUGH: We Pray Together

The next opportunity to pray together is coming up on the 7 July and... Read more >
Mark Andrews

Business Link Day - Opportunity for...

The Relational Mission business link day will provide an excellent... Read more >
Andy Moyle

Hanseatic League: A Philosophy for...

At our last ENOUGH evening we introduced and prayed into a prophetic... Read more >
Mark Andrews

Prayer for Healing!

We all know of people around us facing health challenges and we... Read more >