About Us

What is Relational Mission?

Relational Mission is a growing family of churches from different countries, led by Mike Betts and his team.

We are part of Newfrontiers, a group of apostolic leaders, together with their teams and churches, united on global mission and by core values and genuine relationships. Newfrontiers represents a worldwide network of more than 850 churches in 60 nations.

You'll find Relational Mission churches predominantly in the UK and mainland Europe.

Mission and culture

Relational Mission is all about family - but not simply in the cosy sense of enjoying great relationships. It's also about reproducing itself, about passing on its DNA, seeing spiritual fathers and mothers raise spiritual sons and daughters. More formally, we think of this as multiplying apostolic spheres in the nations by raising up spiritual sons. Parenting is at the heart of family, and spiritual parenting is at the heart of Relational Mission.

Meet the team

Let us introduce you to Mike Betts and his team.

What's important to us?

Here's what's distinctive about the Relational Mission family. Read more about this in Mike Betts's book, #Relational Mission: A way of life#.

Convinced of the gospel

We're ordinary people serving an extraordinary God who's done extraordinary things. We're convinced that the good news of the gospel is the power of God unto salvation for all who believe. The gospel shapes who we are, how we live and what we do.

Called to fruitfulness

We believe God intends his children to bear fruit in their lives and this comes from knowing our identity in Christ and an ongoing intimacy with the Holy Spirit. As we understand who we are and respond to our Father, we believe we'll see the good fruit of that in our lives and churches.

Committed to relationships

God has adopted us into his family and given us each other. We're committed to growing genuine, heartfelt, loving relationships. We do life together, eat together, laugh and cry together, and encourage each other to serve Christ on mission together. The journey is more fun when it's shared with friends.

Certain of the mission

There is a broken world that desperately needs the church to rise up, bringing good news in both word and deed. God has given gifts of men and women to equip, to encourage and to empower the church to do just that. We believe that willingly receiving the ministry of apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers will fuel the flames to reach thousands for Christ.

Courageously obedient

God has given us a compass and not a map. As we seek God together in prayer for the nations of the world, he will send us and stretch us in ways we can't even imagine, yet, when the Father speaks, we want to obey regardless of whether we know exactly where we are going or not!

A bit of background

Find out about the beginnings of Relational Mission here.