Church Planting

If you’re pioneering a church in uncharted territory then it’s great to feel connected. Think of this page as a large, comfy Relational Mission leather sofa: somewhere to feel at home, flick through some interesting reading and choose something to watch or listen to that’ll leave you feeling encouraged and equipped for life on the wild frontiers. The latest church planting news, events and resources is right here.

Pioneer Conference 11-14 October

We are excited to announce that booking for our pioneer conference is... Read more >
Mark Andrews

Church Directory

Discover a community near you Find out more>

Keep Praying for...

Your ENOUGH Praying for you postcards have been a huge blessing to... Read more >
Mark Andrews

The Social Street

News from the Rotterdam Church Plant Two tables, lots of jars of... Read more >

News from Evangelical Church Utrecht

We love being part of Relational Mission Greetings from Evangelical... Read more >

Enough Feedback: Much to Celebrate

There is so much to celebrate after our Enough on the 17th March... Read more >
Mark Andrews