ENOUGH: Resources

All you need to promote and engage with ENOUGH

The most effective way to promote ENOUGH and encourage people to attend is to be via your church's existing communication channels. To help with this we have produced some resources and materials to help you. We would love it if you would help us share information about ENOUGH and encourage your congregation to engage with it.

What resources are available?

What could we do?

  • Play the latest update messages and promotional videos on Sunday mornings or distribute via your own newsletters and social media.
  • Forward on the regular updates and mailouts about ENOUGH: Join our mailing list.
  • Ask your congregation to save the dates! Highlight these using the PowerPoint.
  • Point people to the page to find out more and discover how they can engage with the ENOUGH agenda.
  • For the heart behind ENOUGH, point people to Mike Betts's talk on the ‘Prayers of Many’
  • Include information on your website, via social media and in printed materials using the ENOUGH logo pack.
  • Encourage people to sign up and engage with the ENOUGH Prayer Diary.
  • Perhaps think about some initiatives/ideas you could run to act as stepping stones to the next event. For example, encouraging your small groups to focus on prayer in the weeks leading up to the event:
    • Week 1 – ‘God is ENOUGH’: Focus on worship and thanks.
    • Week 2 – ‘I’ve had ENOUGH’: Focus on praying as a group for personal situations they have had ENOUGH of.
  • Devote your usual prayer evenings to the build up of ENOUGH.
  • If feasible, approach your hub host to come and inspire your congregation either on a Sunday morning or in a prayer meeting setting.
  • Direct people to the recommended reading list below.

Recommended reading

A Call to United Extraordinary Prayer: An humble attempt ...
Jonathan Edwards (2004 Christian Focus Publications)
Mike Betts comments, 'This book got me into ENOUGH in the first place, taking me beyond my own idea to seeing that someone else had already done this, and the basis on which they had approached it, namely praying in the promises as yet unfulfilled.'

With Christ in the School of Prayer
Andrew Murray (2013 Merchant Books)

A Praying Life: Connecting with God in a distracting world
Paul E Miller (2009 NavPress Publishing Group)

The Circle Maker: Praying circles around your biggest dreams and greatest fears
Draw the Circle: The 40 day prayer challenge
Mark Batterson (2012 Zondervan)

Mountain Rain: A new biography of James O Fraser
Eileen Crossman (2011 Authentic Media)
Mike Betts comments, 'The story of prayer worked out in life. Phil Moore has written a good series of blog posts on this.'


Contact Mark Andrews, who is coordinating the ENOUGH events.