If you’re in a position of leadership in your church, this page should feel like a good made-to-measure Relational Mission coat: a great fit and with pockets in all the right places, so you know just where to find what’s most relevant to you. Find the latest news, events and resources for leaders right here.

More Resources from Prayer &...

We had the privilege of having Nick & Marlene share about their... Read more >
Annice Green

Church Directory

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Prayer & Equipping 5-6 May '17

Our Prayer & Equipping Days take place regularly during the year... Read more >
Annice Green

LEAD - For the 'Chosen Many'

LEAD is the Relational Mission leadership training programme. Over... Read more >
Stef Liston

ENOUGH: More reasons to be there!

EVEN MORE REASONS to be at Enough on the 17th March '17 Check out... Read more >
Mark Andrews

Info & resources - Prayer &...

Earlier this month on the 8-9 February '17, we had a great time at... Read more >
Annice Green